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TLDR – The difference between ProxyGuys and Luminati is we use real 4G LTE modems to get IP addresses and Luminati uses people’s devices to get IP’s (aka infected or unknown to the user devices). Our proxies are 100% owned and operated by us and will be high speed and 99.9% uptime. The IP’s are also much cleaner because they are IP’s coming from cell towers and not mixed in with data centers, college campuses, medical buildings, etc. One last thing to mention is Luminati charges per GB vs. Unlimited data. ProxyGuys will never charge you for bandwidth usage.

How does Luminati Work?

Luminati owns a large VPN network known as Hola VPN. When you sign up for Hola VPN you are being connected to another users IP address to hide your own IP. What you might not know is that your IP is also being shared with others within the Hola VPN network as well. Hola VPN is a free service and when you sign up you probably will miss the part that mentions you are now in the Hola Community (Peer-to-Peer) VPN, in which users help each other to make the internet available to all, by sharing their idle resources. There is a paid version (PLUS Subscription) of Hola VPN that keeps you from sharing your IP with others and ranges in price depending on how many years you pay up front.

When you have Hola VPN installed on any of your devices you are then sharing your IP address now with everyone else. If you’re at a hotel then your device is sharing the IP from the hotel, if you’re at work it’s sharing your work IP, if you’re at home then it’s sharing your home IP. If you’ve ever used Luminati you’ll notice that your IP changes frequently, this is because the IP is only shared when the device is idle. So if your phone is in your pocket then it’s sharing the IP but as soon as you unlock your phone to use it it disables the sharing so that means the person on Luminati just got moved to a new random IP from another user.

Luminati charges per GB of data that you use to browse the internet on other people’s shared devices in which they are acquiring for basically free. Hola VPN has many different apps/extensions, etc that people install on all their devices which use Firefox, Chrome, or Opera on Windows/Mac PCs. Hola VPN also is able to be installed as an app on iOS or Android, and also is available as an app (.exe) on Windows. Luminati has been known to not work so well for many different industries that are needing IP’s via a proxy because of the way it works.

So why is Proxy Guys different?

ProxyGuys buys real 4G LTE modems, hooks them up to VM’s running proxy software, and then links them to our portal to be available for you to use. Whenever you connect to one of our locations you are connecting directly to a 4G LTE modem then hitting the cell tower within that location and getting a real mobile IP. We keep all our hardware in enterprise level, climate controlled, rooms and monitor it 24/7. If there’s an outage at one of our locations our highly skilled technicians will be taking care of it as fast as they can to give you the enterprise level service you’re paying for.

Each of our proxies consistently has 50+mbps speeds and do not go online and offline randomly. We also don’t do forced IP changes while you’re in the middle of something. With Luminati you could be using an IP in a specific location on your account or setting up a new account and then right in the middle of that your IP could change to a new location 1500 mi/2414km away causing you to either lose your account or flag it as suspicious. With ProxyGuys you can keep your IP for as long, or as short, as you need. If you want your IP to auto-rotate there are plenty of ways to do that using different browser extensions.

If you need help from us, feel free to reach out.

ProxyGuys has trained technicians and agents online 24/7/365 to help you with any of your problems. If you need help with something or would like to discuss the possibility of moving your entire operation to us please feel free to reach out to us on our chat system located in the bottom right hand corner of every webpage on our website.