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This proxy service allows me to do my Craigslist postings in many different cities and has never failed me. I love the ease of use, the browser plug-in makes it so simple to change locations. Can’t wait for more locations soon. Thank you. 

Amit @ CraigslistPosterIndia

I have to admit I was skeptical about this service when I signed up. But after using it for about a week while it was in beta I became impressed with the high quality IP’s I’m getting. No matter which area I use the IP’s are extremely clean. Works great with my survey sites. Thank you.


I have used several other proxy services for mobile IP and this service is the fastest I’ve ever used. I get between 40 – 60mb download speeds consistently. I love how I can change locations at any time and the other part I love the most is they are not rotating proxies like soooooo many other providers offer. The pricing for what you get it well worth it. 

Andrew @ Automotive Window Repair

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