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TLDR – Rotating Proxies are “botnets” (aka infected devices) proxies that are incredibly illegal if you get caught, they also kill your social media accounts!

We’ve all seen them advertised in various affiliate forums, the elusive and cheap “rotating” proxies also referred to as “back connect” proxies. These are usually dirt cheap proxies that go online and offline randomly, some are fast, and some are incredibly slow and your IP’s change between 5-20 minutes automatically without your control.

What most sellers won’t mention is that they are “botnet” proxies connected to their command and control servers in which you are connecting to.

What is a “botnet” – Wikipedia explains…

A botnet is a logical collection of internet-connected devices such as computers, smartphones or IoT devices whose security has been breached and control ceded to a third party. Each such compromised device, known as a “bot”, is created when a device is penetrated by software from a malware (malicious software) distribution. The controller of a botnet is able to direct the activities of these compromised computers through communication channels formed by standards-based network protocols such as IRC and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

Botnets are increasingly rented out by cyber criminals as commodities for a variety of purposes.


When you are using these rotating proxies you are being routed through a server that a hacker controls, then through someone’s infected computer (could be your family members computer), tablet or phone then through their ISP (Internet Service Provider) then onto the website you’re trying to access. Often the victim doesn’t even know their computer/mobile device is infected but will notice their connection is slower than normal and they are likely receiving spam.

It’s also very common for the hackers to steal identity information from the infected computers by keylogging everything they do, including logging into bank accounts, email, social media…etc.

Social Media Marketing …

Do you think its “normal” behavior for someone to access their social media accounts from a different IP address every 15 minutes? Neither did we and neither did the bot detection software used by these companies. Most users, including mobile users do not change IPs that frequently and it’s a huge red flag to detection software that its very likely the social media account is not being used for what it was intended for…leading to accounts being disabled and blocked.

Proxy Guys are different …

First, let’s be 100% clear, ProxyGuys does not offer or provide access to any sort of illegal botnets, backconnects, rotating or any other form of illegal, low-quality proxies. Our proxies are created with permission from our mobile phone carriers with enterprise level contracts not offered to the general public. This is a big reason why our pricing is higher than others but with this price you get so much more to justify the expense.

For one, you get high quality, blazing-fast 4G LTE proxies in the USA. Each of our proxies consistently has 50+mbps speeds and do not go online and offline randomly. But one of the best features is that your not forced to change your IP every xx minutes. Keep your IP for as long, or as short, as you need. This is HUGE when it comes to social media marketing and our users are reporting their accounts are lasting drastically longer durations during their marketing campaign by keeping their 4G LTE proxy IP the same and only changing when needed.

We are here to help

Let’s face the facts, we are here to make a profit just like everyone else! We think we have a unique service not offered by the various other proxy providers out there. We have priced ourselves accordingly to our cost to provide these services while remaining competitive and being able to provide a high-quality service and user experience.

We’ve love to chat with you. Just reach out to us on Skype, Email, or hit that live chat icon in the bottom right of your screen. We’re not here to just make new sales, we want to keep our existing clients happy by continuing to innovate our services!