• Feb - 6 - 2020
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A proxy server lets you transmit the data among users on the internet. The foremost reason to use the proxies is security. The residential proxies, as the name says, by using the IPs of the user’s private residential internet. Each time you use the internet, They maintain your information such as cookies or preferred browsers in a log against your IP address. The goal of residential proxies is to keep secret the IP of the user on the network, hence enhancing security.

Mostly, it is quite challenging to gain access to the private residential IP. The price of such proxies are extremely high. Also, there are concerns of lawful acts for using such type of proxy but still. Basically, it tricks the servers and the browsers to let you access the websites which are not permissible on your real IP.

Stage one: Residential proxies from the authorized sellers

There are a lot of people selling residential proxies on the internet but be sure to choose the authentic seller. Never buy proxies from any random seller. Ensure that the residential proxy provider has a legitimate company because in the future for any legal action the company is held responsible. Usually, free proxies are not from lawful companies. A genuine company that is legitimate always provide you services with a fee. 

To find out if the service provider of residential proxy is legal or not, go through their user reviews and feedbacks. This gives you information on what other people are thinking about it. So, make the decision wisely. 

Stage two: Paid residential proxies

Always use the paid proxies instead of using free ones. There is no guarantee of data integrity and security if you are using a free proxy. Mostly the chances of a free proxy are that it is not anonymous. Thus, why use a proxy if it is not anonymous?

Moreover, you don’t want shared proxies, so you must stay away from free proxies. There are chances that some hackers may use your IP address for their personal use. It is also not always true for free proxies to be working perfectly but this is not the case with paid proxies. Always, choose the paid residential proxies from legitimate service providers so you don’t have to worry about whether it is working or not.

If there is any problem with your proxy, you can’t claim to anyone to fix it. But in the case of a paid proxy, the service provider offers you a replacement if there are any faults in your proxies. Also, they provide 24/7 customer help to resolve all your issues and offer you help. 

Stage three: Pricing

The pricing offered for residential proxies by the service providers is based on GBs. This means if the traffic is increased across your proxy, the price also increases. The shared proxies are usually being offered at a lower price as compared to dedicated or semi-dedicated proxies. The shared ones do not have an efficient speed. 

If the service provider is offering you a cheaper rate than normal market rates, make sure they are not compromising the stability and speed for a cheap price. This results in continuous time-outs and errors on the server end. Usually, cheaper proxies result in time-consuming and insecure proxies. 

Stage Four: IP pool size of the service provider

If you are looking to use residential proxies from a particular location, do consider the IP pool size of the service provider. It is always suggested to choose the service provider that has a relatively larger IP pool size. Because if the IP pool size is larger, the amount of IP blocks are definitely be smaller. The service provider that has a larger IP pool size gives you more country or city specific searches. 

For using proxy concerning any specific location, always check the list of locations that are supported by the service provider. It doesn’t always mean that all the countries listed in the list of countries are accessible for you to choose from. Mostly, the smaller and cheaper service providers don’t let the user select the desired country.  

Stage five: Faster speed

People usually think that proxy servers slow down the speed of their internet because of the additional work being done by the servers in the background. But this is not correct. Instead, the proxy servers are used to enhance the speed of your internet. 

The server uptime is the time period in which the server is active and working. A good proxy server has a server uptime of around 99.9%. This means the server is operational for almost 99.9%. Moreover, the proxy server saves the bandwidth of a network too. 

Stage six: Dashboard features

A good residential proxy is capable enough to provide you with relevant information. Thus, to give you the statistics you require, its dashboard consists of all the features. In choosing the best residential proxy, the features of the dashboard play an important role. 

If the service provider is not offering a dashboard with your residential proxy, it results in wasting your time and money. The important features of the dashboard includes the following: adding more proxies without the need to connect to the customer center, display of statistics of user’s usage, or allowing you to easily alter your credentials. 

The more the features offered, the more efficient the proxy performs. Understandably, choose the service provider that has transparent information. 

Why us?

If you are looking to send a lot of similar requests to one website without getting blocked, residential proxies are the solution to it. Using residential proxies for market research & account management is very easy. As these are the special requests sent to the website through a residential IP address; they are not reflected as coming from a proxy. 

There are a lot of residential proxies available in the market, but each one has its own benefits. Depending on your requirements, choose the most efficient one by comparing different ones based on the steps listed above.