• Nov - 23 - 2020
  • By: admin_71635

Proxy vs VPN

In this article we will take a closer look at 5G Proxy vs VPN. Proxy and VPN are two different types that may seem similar at first. Both are designed to keep you anonymous on the Internet. You can mask your original IP address, protect the web traffic you send and protect your data and protect your privacy. 

If you are wondering if you can use the proxy and the VPN together, the answer is no. You will need to pick one or the other. It’s possible to use a VPN and then connect to a proxy for double protection, the 2 providers need to be different. There is no benefit to do this.

Many people think that sharing a VPN and a proxy only leads to mutual annihilation. Since proxy services usually do not have encryption, people are more likely to ask if they can work together, and vice versa. 


VPN has the decisive advantage over proxy servers in encrypting and routing network traffic. VPNs have encrypted tunnels which data is transmitted securely, all data is encrypted, whereas proxy data is not. The main advantage of using VPN instead of proxy is the total encryption of all traffic that passes through it. However, once the traffic reaches the VPN server, it behaves similarly to a proxy. The connection itself is usually more stable with a VPN and, to repeat, it encrypts the traffic. Running a VPN does not slow down your Internet connection. compared to a proxy. VPN or proxy can not improve Internet speed.

However, this is not the only reason why you want to use a proxy server via a VPN. Read below for a simple comparison to understand which one suits you best, VPN or proxy.  When choosing a proxy or VPN, everything depends on what you are using, so if you are not sure what the differences are between them, it helps to define one first. 

What should you choose?

To make it easier to choose between 5G proxy vs VPN, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of each. Now that you understand a little more about each one, let’s dive into the comparison between proxy and VPN. If you look at the explanation of VPN against proxy, you will notice that the differences between them are quite obvious. Perhaps there is one that clearly distinguishes a proxy from a VPN, and that is the difference between the two. 

VPNs are used because they transfer data from your ISP router to the VPN provider’s server and are used to redirect your Internet traffic via the proxy and also to a remote server. VPNs are more than proxies, because they not only protect you from what your browser does, but also protect all your traffic, including your browser, no matter where you have installed or activated a VPN. A proxy only protects what you do through your browser, aVPN hides your IP address so that websites cannot see your original IP location.

Generally, a VPN offers better protection for you. The good news is ProxyGuys offers both Proxy and VPN in your subscription. This allows you to choose between them to see which works better for your needs.

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