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Fresh Static Residential Proxy IPs by ProxyGuys.

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Brand new for 2021: ProxyGuys introduces high-quality static USA residential IPs.  Our IPs come with blazing-fast speeds over 500Mbps+, HTTP(s) compatibility, and all of our IPs are located in the USA.  We currently have Comcast  & AT&T residential IPs and plan to add more ISP’s as demand grows.  These are non-sequential residential IP’s hosted on dedicated 1 Gbps servers and your IP’s will not rotate for the duration of your subscription.

These are NOT designed for surveys, scraping, account creators, bulk emailing, video re-uploading, adult content…etc, these are designed for users that manage advertising accounts on different profiles and need blazing fast high-quality residential IPs.

Main Features:

  • HTTP(s) Compatible
  • User & Pass or IP Whitelisting
  • Premium Bandwidth
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Non-Sequential USA Residential IPs
  • No Logs Kept, High Anonymous Proxies
  • No Domain Limits
  • IPs are static and do not rotate or change.
  • IPs are fresh & dedicated to one customer only!
  • Three unique Residential ISPs available:  Comcast & AT&T (Coming soon Lumen – Formerly Centurylink)
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These are not “back connect” residential IP’s as almost every other provider offers.  Back connect IP’s are computers/mobile devices infected with a virus (malware) that steals their internet connection and routes proxy traffic through it without the victim even knowing what’s going on.  Not only are these illegal but they are very low quality because when a virus-infected computer/device is turned off the proxy fails and now you suddenly have to route your traffic through a new proxy IP.  This might not be a problem for those creating accounts or doing surveys, etc. but for people managing premium advertising accounts that need a high quality, blazing-fast & stable residential IP, this is indeed a real problem and these are our target clients that this service was designed for.

How do we compare?

Great question, the short answer is pricing!

If you look at someone like Bright Data their residential proxy plans start at $500/mo while ProxyGuys starts at just $90/mo. While Bright Data does not charge you a set price for say “25 Static Residential IPs” they charge you $0.50 per IP and another $23.50 per GB of bandwidth you use with a minimum monthly charge of $255.  Let’s say you need 50 IPs and 20GB of bandwidth with Bright Data they would charge you $775/mo but with ProxyGuys you would only pay $330/mo and our proxies are significantly faster than anyone else and do not randomly go “offline” as our competitors do.

Let’s say you need 10 static residential proxy IPs and need about 20GB of bandwidth per month, lets compare ProxyGuys against BrightData, OxyLabs & NetNut…

How do we compare? BrightData OxyLabs NetNut
Minimum Monthly Price $625/mo $300/mo $300/mo
Bandwidth Costs $30/GB Overage Charge above 20GB/mo $15/GB Overage Charge above 20GB/mo $15/GB Overage Charge above 20GB/mo
Proxy Speeds 4-23Mbps Proxy Speeds 1-15Mbps Proxy Speeds 3-15Mbps Proxy Speeds
Connections Unlimited Unlimited 1Million Requests

frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to present our services and features in a clear and easy to understand fashion but here are the top questions we have been asked.  Hopefully, it answers any lingering questions you have, if not, please click on the blue chat icon on the bottom right of every page on our website to speak with a live chat agent 24/7.

Are these data center IPs masked as Residential IPs?

Absolutely not! These are true residential proxy IPs hosted on high-end proxy servers with 1Gbps dedicated connections. These IPs are extremely high quality and work on all top sites commonly used with static residential proxies.

What proxy protocol do these residential proxies support?
Our proxies support HTTP(s) which means they work with 99.99% of software bots, operating systems, and mobile devices.

What payment methods do you accept?
For our 5G mobile proxies, we accept Credit Card, PayPal & CryptoCurrency however for our static residential proxies we currently only accept cryptocurrency payments at this time.

What is your refund policy?
If for some reason we are unable to deliver your order to you within 12 hours of purchase we will refund your purchase price. If our 7-day uptime rate drops below 95% we will issue you a pro-rated refund upon request. Otherwise, there are no refunds on this unique product.

Can I change my IP?
These are static residential IPs meaning that your proxy IP will not change for the duration of your subscription plan.

Do you log data?
We do NOT log any of your proxy data, never have, never will as we value your privacy as our client.

Do you have a free trial?
At this time we have made the decision to not offer any free or paid trials of our static residential proxies because we want to protect our IP quality and do not want to allow someone to "test" the proxy while burning the IP range during their trial period.

Are there any restrictions on these proxies?
We do not limit any websites or limit your bandwidth, nor do we log any of your traffic.

What proxy authentication methods do we support?
We offer both IP Whitelisting & User/Pass Proxy Authentication.

Additional help & commonly asked questions can be located in our help center: