Brand New for 2021

ProxyGuys Rotating Residential Proxies


ProxyGuys provides unlimited access to over 10 million residential IP addresses which are updated daily.  We allow you to target by Country, Region, City, and even by Provider.

Residential IPs

Released in June 2021 – ProxyGuys launches a network of over 10+ million unblocked residential IPs from all over the world with granular targeting options.  Our private network of clean, unused residential IPs will allow you to reduce your failure rate and focus on making money!


Residential IPs are private IP addresses from home internet providers from all around the globe such as Spectrum, Cox, Optus, Virgin Media, and hundreds of other (ISP’s) Internet Service Providers.  When you are connected through our residential proxy network, your request is routed through a real home user when accessing the web and not through a data center that bypasses virtually every IP and/or GEO restriction.  We are directly connected through several large ISP’s and partner with several mobile & desktop application developers to use our GDPR-compliant SDK to provide an alternate means of monetization.

With the ProxyGuys Rotating Residential Proxy Network, you can expect…

  • Unlimited IP Rotation
  • Unlimited Concurrent Requests (No Thread Limits)
  • No Logs Kept
  • Optional ability to change IP with every request
  • Optional ability to keep the same IP for up to 10 minutes.
  • Fast Proxy Response Times
  • Ability to target by Country, Region, State, City, and ISP!


Pricing Plans > Rotating Residential Proxies


Like others, our pricing is based on bandwidth usage.  With every subscription, you can access all of our features including unlimited IP addresses and no concurrent thread limits.  We carefully researched our competition and believe that not only are we offering a better product (Exclusive Clean IP’s) and better support (24/7 Live Chat) along with better setup times (Instant) but we also wanted to ensure that we were very competitively priced.  There are no contracts, cancel anytime!

Residential Proxy Network Features

We strive to provide you with the cleanest residential proxy IPs from all over the world with a focus on quality over quantity and an enterprise level of support unmatched by any of our competition.

10m+ IPs

Over 10 million clean residential IPs from every major location in the world!

Granular Targeting

Choose from County, Region, State, City, and even Provider or any combination of both to get the GEO IP your looking for.

Rotating or Sticky Sessions

Need a new IP with every request or want to keep the same IP for 10-20 minutes?  We got you covered.

Zero Captchas

Are captchas slowing you down?  Scrape and perform more with our clean IP’s.

Unlimited Threads

1 Thread or 1,000 Threads – Our network is designed to handle any sized request you can send our way!

No Logs

We don’t log any of our user data to ensure privacy!  We also do not restrict any website.

Exclusive Residential Proxy IPs

Did you know that most residential proxy providers are simply resellers?  This means that you’re sharing an IP pool with potentially thousands of other customers doing the same marketing campaign as you are thus reducing the IP quality.  With ProxyGuys, our residential proxy IP network is brand new in 2021 and is constantly being upgraded on a daily basis!  Give our $5 demo package a try to test drive the instant setup, customer dashboard, and proxy quality before committing to a bigger package!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find some of the most commonly asked questions our support representatives answer.  If you still have questions before or after placing an order with ProxyGuys please click on the blue live chat icon on the bottom right of every page on our website to speak to a live support agent 24/7.

Every plan includes unlimited IP’s. You can access as many as your computer will handle at the same time. The only limits we impose are bandwidth.
Yes, in your customer dashboard you can purchase additional bandwidth and it will instantly be credited to your account.
We support HTTP & SOCKS5 proxy protocols which is accepted in 99% of all programs out there and fully compatible with MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux…etc
Due to customers abusing the free trials for proxy services we have discontinued offering free trials, however, we have come up with a demo for just $5 which gives you the ability to test our signup process, setup times, support staff, view our customer dashboard and of course, test our proxies before you commit to a larger package.
Once you have used up your allotted bandwidth your proxy will stop working until either you purchase additional bandwidth or until a renewal payment is received or until you purchase another proxy plan.

We have proxies in virtually all major cities & regions, chances are if it’s a large city we have it! The Proxy Setup drop down menus will help guide you to the locations that you need.


At this time due to fraud & abuse, we do not offer a refund policy on our rotating residential proxy network. We encourage all potential customers to try our Demo package for just $5 before committing to a higher plan.

How Do Our Residential Proxies Compare?

When we decided to venture beyond 5G Mobile Proxies and launch our own worldwide residential proxy network we knew that in addition to clean residential IPs, instant setup, and top-notch customer support that our pricing needs to be competitive. We spent weeks researching our top competitors for both features and pricing…

Provider IPs Concurrent Threads Targeting Options Price Per GB
Proxy Speeds*
ProxyGuys 10+ Million Unlimited Country, Region, State, City & ISP $4 - $25
4-35 Mbps
BrightData (Luminati) 72 Million Unlimited City & ASN Targeting (Extra Fee) $15 - $32
0.75 - 13 Mbps
OxyLabs 100 Million Unlimited Country, State, City Targeting $9 - $15
0.5 - 3 Mbps
SmartProxy 40 Million Unlimited Country $8 - $15
0.75 - 5 Mbps
Shifter 31 Million 50 Per Proxy Country $0.50
0.5 - 2 Mbps
GeoSurf 38 Thousand Unlimited Country $8 - $12
1-3 Mbps

ProxyGuys Exclusive Residential Proxy Network (Launched June 2021)

Connect your software to a fast rotating (or sticky) proxy network with over 10 million exclusive residential IPs with more IPs being added every month!  ProxyGuys allows full-speed multi-threaded connections and only charges for bandwidth used.  You’ll get access to all proxies through an elegant customer dashboard where you can chose to have a new IP with every request or you can keep the same IP for 10 minutes via “sticky” sessions.