Choose A Plan That Works For You!

With our multi-location proxy plans, you get a dedicated 4G modem in any of our available geolocations and you can instantly request a new IP and can instantly change to another dedicated 4G modem in another geolocation which is great for having access to a wide variety of IP ranges! With our single-location proxy plans, you get one dedicated 4G modem from any geolocation available and you will remain on that same 4G modem for the entire month, however, you can still instantly request a fresh new IP from that modem. All of our proxy plans include UNLIMITED bandwidth & IP changes. We also have bulk discounts for when you purchase 5+ proxy licenses. Please contact us on live chat with any questions.

With our multi-location day, week & monthly proxy license packages you get unlimited access instant IP changes which means you could access up to 10,000 unique 4G mobile IPs per day.  You can connect to your proxy from as many computers that you wish but you only get one unique 4G mobile IP at a time.  Simply click a button and get a fresh new IP within 5 seconds (You can also use our web portal, firefox & chrome plugin or our API to change IPs).  Of course, you get unlimited bandwidth and can instantly change proxy locations from any of our available locations listed below giving you a wide variety of IP subnets for your needs.

** With our bulk plan, you get 5 proxy licenses which means you can connect to up to 5 different locations and get 5 unique 4G mobile IPs at the same time.  This is great for users running multi-threaded account creation bots because you can create 5 accounts at the same time, then change the IP and create 5 more accounts…etc.  Everything can be managed via our web portal or with our Firefox & Chrome plugin or with our fully documented API. We can even give you a unique login for each proxy license if you wish in case you have different users and want to keep everything separate.  Our bulk plan is also great for users that have multiple advertising accounts such as FB Ads Manager and want each account on a unique 4G mobile IP that will not change (unless you tell it to change)

*** With this package, you get unlimited IPs and Bandwidth from one location which you can select from the list of available locations below.  We will provide you with IP:Port:User:Pass (or IP:Port if you want IP Whitelisting) to your proxy along with a URL you simply need to visit to get a fresh new IP within 5 seconds.  If at any time you want to change locations there will be a $20 fee.  Our normal proxy packages included unlimited instant access to all 11 locations, this cheaper plan includes access to just one location.

After purchase please come onto live chat and provide us with:
> Order # or Transaction ID #
> Order Email Address
> Which location you would like
> IP you want to Whitelist (Optional)

Currently Available 4G LTE Proxy Locations
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • San Diego, California
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas
  • New York, New York
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Miami, Florida
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Houston, Texas
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Nashville, Tennessee


We truly believe what we are selling and stand behind our enterprise level services.  Checkout just a few of our premium features


We offer true 4G LTE proxies in various states & cities.  Please contact us for the current list.

Premium Speeds

Our proxies have an average download speed of 50Mbps which is unheard of with our competition.

Changing Your IP

Keep your 4G LTE proxy IP as long as you need, or simply click 1 button and get a fresh new IP. Browser IP changes between 15-20 secs and direct connect using software IP changes are between 4-8 secs.

Premium Support

Our USA based team is available on Live Chat & Skype about 16 hours per day on average, 7 days a week.

100% Legal & Ethical

No hacked or virus-infected computers or phones.  Our premium services are offered through our enterprise level contracts with mobile carriers.

Competitive Pricing

We know what our competition charges and offers and have priced ourselves accordingly to not only be an industry leader in products & services but also in pricing.

google chrome

Free Google Chrome & Firefox Plug-In

Click to download our totally free plug-in for Google Chrome or Firefox which will make changing IPs, cities or states quick and easy!

frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to present our services and features in a clear and easy to understand fashion but here are the top questions we have been asked.  Hopefully, it answers any lingering questions you have, if not, hit that Contact Us button and reach out.

Are there any bandwidth limits?

Absolutely not!  You get unlimited 4G LTE proxy bandwidth without any throttles or limitations, something no competitor of ours can offer, especially at our pricing.

Will these work with ScrapeBox or other SEO tools?

Great news, if your software or product works with HTTPS or SOCKS5 proxies, then its compatible with our network.

Do you guys log data?

Absolutely not.  We are not performing “man in the middle” proxy services.   Your proxy is going directly through the mobile carrier as if you were on a regular mobile phone.  We have no access to any logs.

Can this be used on mobile devices or just computers?

Your mobile device should have a proxy setup in the network settings or there are lots of 3rd Party applications you can download and utilize the proxy IP’s.

How do I use the service?

We will give you access to the portal in which you will have access to all locations. Once you connect to a location you will get an IP:PORT and a username and password. You will input this into your Proxy software or Operating System. You can also choose to enable IP Whitelisting and enter your public IP or IP range to allow you to use the proxy without user:pass. You can visit our Getting Started guide for more detailed information.

What is the difference between “Fast Reset” and “Hard Reset”

By using our proprietary software, fast reset provides you with a method to change your IP in under 5 seconds! In the event that your dedicated 4G LTE modem hangs or locks up, we provide access to a “hard reset” feature to reboot the modem. Hard resets take approximately 40 seconds.

Do you have API access available?

Yes. The API instructions are given on as needed basis, any customer can request API by emailing us or chatting with us on Skype.

Do you have locations outside the USA?

No. At the moment we are focusing our efforts on populating our modems in cities in the USA. Once we feel we are at a certain level we will then begin looking further abroad.


Using a web browser and “Fast Reset” you can expect a new IP within 15-20 seconds.  Using our proxies in software you can expect to see a new IP in 5-10 seconds.   The difference is due to inherient delays in browsers processing the change.

What is “Pool Utilization”?

Pool Utilization is simply how many modems are available in that particular location. Example would be if there are 50 modems in San Diego, CA and 25 people are connected to that location then the pool utilization will show 50% since half the modems are taken. If all 50 are taken then you’ll see 100% meaning no open slots. We don’t share modems with users so when you’re connected you are the only one using that modem and IP.

How many threads are allowed per proxy?

Keep in mind our proxy services are not meant to be used for running 50-500 threads in ScrapeBox, there are cheaper low-quality proxies for that.  Our proxies are designed for people to actually use them individually for various purposes (FB, G00gle, IG, surveys, Paypàl, etc).   Technically speaking, we put no thread limit, it’s just how ever many you purchase for your needs.

How many IP do I get per proxy?

When you connect to a location you get 1 IP. That IP is able to be changed an unlimited amount of times within that location. You can also connect to any other location at any time and get new IP as well. There is no limit to how often you can change your IP address or location but it’s 1 location and 1 IP at a time. If you need more than 1 IP at a time you would need to purchase more proxy licenses. We offer bulk rate pricing for over 5 proxy licenes.

Are these IPs already used & abused?  Will they work for site?

Our access to well over 600k – 900k mobile IP’s in each location allows us to offer you premium high-speed mobile proxies that are fresh and new. We also know that the IP subnets roam around and so what you might have today might be different in 3 weeks.

Are there any hidden limits?

Again we do not have access to any logs, we do not limit your bandwidth and we don’t set thread limits so no there are not set limits with our proxies. Each proxy is dedicated to you and only you.  Remember these are enterprise level proxies, not illegal botnets.

What makes this service worth it?

The ability to switch IP’s in the same location or switch to any location at any time. Every IP is dedicated and never shared with millions of other people.  The ability to keep your 4G LTE Proxy IP for as long as you want (Our competitors force IP changes that kill accounts).

If you add more locations will the cost go up?

No. Cost will remain the same for as many locations as we add.

How do I order? What payment methods do you accept?

Browse over to the order page: and place an order. Once we receive the order you should add us on Skype : live:sales_99703 and let us know you ordered.
Payment methods we accept are Paypal recurring payment and Cryptocurrencies.

Can I have a static password for my proxies?

Yes, we can set this up for you if you don’t want each proxy location you switch to having a different password. If you would like to request 1 static password please email [email protected] and specify your proxy name (Ex: C47E-2019-05-18) and the password you would like and we will apply this change within 24 hours.

What exactly does Single Location mean?

With Single Location you get the same high speed proxy but you just get access to only 1 of our locations. We will give you IP:PORT USER:PASS along with a URL to change the IP as many times as you need. You can also choose IP Whitelisting which allows you to use the proxy with just the IP:PORT. We would need your public IP to set this up. If you decide a location you’ve chosen isn’t the one you want you can request a new location for $20. Please contact us for info.

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