• Mar - 3 - 2021
  • By: admin_71635


So, what’s the difference between ProxyGuys & HydraProxies 5G Mobile Proxy?

I’d be glad to do an honest but naturally biased comparison (Hey honesty counts right?)

Naturally, as a proxy provider, we track & follow our competition, it’s a natural part of operating a successful business. Currently, on our radar, we track over 75 competitors in the residential proxy & mobile proxy market. Recently a new name has appeared, HydraProxy.

So we’re curious who these guys are and how they compare to us, so we did what most companies do when they want to evaluate their competition, they discreetly purchase a proxy subscription to get a real feel for the signup process, order delivery speeds, customer service, backend customer portal and of course, proxy speeds & performance!

Overall, their website has an elegant, clean design, arguably better than ours (Which we are working on a ground up redesign over the next 3 months… stay tuned!) and I see that they have plans ranging from $2.95/day to $59.95/month.

Hold up, those prices are significantly cheaper than ProxyGuys, our data plans with Verizon cost over $40/mo each so how the heck are they selling for $60/mo each and staying in business?

Sadly, its a familiar answer… Botnet!

A botnet proxy connection (also called backconnect) is basically when a company produces a free Android app like a calculator that when the customer downloads and accepts the 10 pages of buried terms of service, unknowingly agree to turn their Android phone into a proxy for anyone else to route their traffic through any time, day or night! This is an extremely grey area, if not a blackhat area but we won’t dig into the legalities and leave that up to the lawyers.

A botnet proxy connection is rather cheap to obtain, once the victim downloads the free app from the Google Play store they are now indefinitely a victim and now a revenue source for the company. There are really no ongoing fees to keep this victim, as long as your app is installed, their a free proxy source for you to add to your network.

Our proxy order was delivered virtually instantly once our payment was verified and we were taken to a backend customer dashboard which I will admit was very professionally laid out, clean & responsive!

HydraProxy 5G Mobile Proxy Dashboard
HydraProxy Customer Dashboard


But, how were the proxy speeds?

On our test of a USA 5G Mobile Proxy, we averaged download speeds of just 0.15mbps with 1.5mbps upload speeds and a ping of 800ms! We tried multiple USA states thinking maybe we just connected to a slow victim of the botnet but sadly the speeds were all extremely slow. Out of 30+ different connections we made to various proxies, virtually 99% of the time we had speeds under 1mbps!

Remember with ProxyGuys ALL of our 5G Mobile Proxies have speeds of 40-60mbps regardless of chosen city or state!

Look and Feel

Okay so the website & customer dashboard were nice but the proxies were SLOW, but how was the customer service? Great question, we submitted a ticket sounding like an average customer asking for support with slow proxy connection speeds in the USA via their “live chat” system to gauge their response time & quality.

Sadly their live chat was offline so we were forced to send a support ticket but we were hoping to see the ticket responded to promptly. To be exact, our ticket was responded to 16hrs and 24mins later and was basically telling us to “disconnect and try again”. As a 5G mobile proxy provider, I can tell you this is NOT what our customers want to hear, and they especially do not want to wait 16+ hours to hear this!

Plugging ourselves here again here (Hey I admitted we are probably biased in this right?), we staff our live chat system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we really do mean that! We take pride is answering a chat or responding to a support email at either 3am on a Sunday or 7pm on a Wednesday evening.


So to wrap up this comparison for this newly discovered competitor, HydraProxy. I would say their frontend website & backend customer portal were very nicely put together and professional looking and the proxy setup times were indeed instant however what really matters the most which would be customer service and proxy performance, were very poorly put together.

This is why I feel many of our competitors are dying out. People think that just because they can code a free Android app with integrated botnet or plug in some 5G usb modems into a hub that they can resell 5G mobile proxy services. They totally forget that quality proxy performance and top not customer service is critical to any business that wants to thrive.

Maybe HydraProxies will read this and improve on their services one day! We definitely have them on our “watch” list that we constantly monitor and update. If and when something changes, well be happy to do another competitor review & feedback blog post again.