• Nov - 4 - 2020
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Today we talk about all the proxy server types out there

Proxy server types have been around since the beginning of the Internet; in fact, they have been around ever since there were internet services. Use the proxy server to get around restrictions imposed by ISP’s or websites. For example, you may have to use a proxy site to access certain types of files or websites. The only problem with this type of proxy sites is that they are very slow.

Mobile Proxy differences

So how does a mobile proxy differ from other types of proxies? These kinds of proxy servers are seen as a differentiator because they work in such a different manner. So, before we move on to the different types of mobile proxy sites, let’s go through how mobile proxy works.

Proxy servers are basically server software that acts as a server for any type of application. These applications can either be web browsers or servers. For example, when you are browsing the web, your computer acts like a proxy server, acting as an intermediary between your computer and the website of the web server. When the request comes in, it passes through the proxy server, and the web page is forwarded to the browser. In essence, the proxy server acts as a translator between the request made by the user and the server of the web server. This is done using a layer of encryption named SSL.

If we want to make the best use of the proxy server, we have to make sure that we use the right kind of proxy server. This is not always easy, as there are many types of proxy servers, so you should find a proxy server that will work well for your needs. So, let’s look at some of the different types of mobile proxy servers:

First off, there are two main types of proxy servers, namely, desktop proxy and mobile proxy. When you connect to a desktop proxy it gives you a residential IP address. A mobile proxy will give you a cellular mobile IP address. 5G mobile proxies have the least amount of abuse and often perform better than residential.

Types of mobile proxies

So, now that we have discussed how mobile proxy servers work, let us move on to the types of mobile proxy servers. There are basically three main types of mobile proxy servers – web proxy, mobile proxy server. Each type has its own advantages and drawbacks. We will now discuss each type further. You use web proxy server as a means of getting around web blocking applications such as ad blockers.

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