• Oct - 5 - 2020
  • By: admin_71635

Beginning Oct 5, 2020 ProxyGuys.com added 9 new proxy locations. We now have 25 locations total. We completed our massive network upgrade to accommodate the new locations as well as give us more room to expand in the future. The new locations are as follows:

  • San Jose, California
  • Portland Oregon
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Jacksonville, Florida

Within the next few weeks we will be adding capacity to all existing proxy locations as well as more capacity to the new locations as they become full. Also, we want to keep ahead of the curve and not get stuck in a spot where we had no room to expand.

Static Residential proxy locations

At this time, are planning for residential static IP’s in the USA.

Initial Features…
– Locations to include 2 new proxy locations: CenturyLink (Baltimore MD/Washington DC area) & Comcast (Ashburn, Virginia)
– Non-sequential fresh static residential IP’s
– 100% Uptime Reliability
– Speeds extremely reliable over 50+Mbps
– Instant Setup Time
– HTTP(S) Supported
– User/Pass or IP Authentication
– Client Portal to manage proxies and update IP Auth.
– We may possibly be able to add Sprint, AT&T & Cox within 60-90 Days.

These would be STATIC meaning they do NOT rotate or change. Certainly you would keep the same IP’s for the duration of your subscription. These are meant for people that need blazing fast, high quality, extremely reliable residential IP’s for things like Facebook/Instagram/TikTok Ads Manager, Google Adwords…etc.

Finally, these are NOT low-quality auto-rotating residential IP’s that the competition sells, those are basically illegal botnets that steal a user’s bandwidth through the use of malware, games, spam, and hijacked computers. They are often slow and unreliable. Also, that’s how some providers can offer 30 million IP’s from 13 countries and 500+ cities because they’re running or reselling access to a large botnet. Lastly, If you just need a ton of cheap residential IP’s to rotate through, this wouldn’t be ideal for you.

We would like to thank all our customers for being patient with us as we had quite a bit of downtime to add the new proxy locations and some unexpected additional downtime.

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