• Feb - 9 - 2020
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Step to step guide on how to buy dedicated proxies


Today I can browse and have all the information I need on fingertips through browsing.  The proxy makes it possible for safe, fast, and seamless browsing. So I ask myself, why should you buy dedicated proxies?

Definition of dedicated proxies

Dedicated proxy remains unshared hence only used by its buyer. In simple terms, you can buy dedicated proxies to enable you to access banned or blocked websites without revealing your true identity. Dedicated proxies can only be used by one person. It cannot be shared, unlike the semi-dedicated proxies that can be shared among three people. 

Dedicated proxies are also referred to as private proxy. The access will be only you. It is faster than others due to a lack of congestion. Unlike other proxies, dedicated proxies enable you to enjoy the complete service all by yourself. That is why you will be able to avail of amazing speeds while surfing the internet. It is always available even during peak times.

Use dedicated proxies for all types of online services as long as it will help you scale your operations. Use them for SEO scrapping, scrapping social media profiles on Linkedin, and Amazon among others. Did you know that dedicated proxies can also be used for social media marketing? Well, it has also been used successfully for coping sneakers as well as local services.

A proxy can be described as a server that enables me to access a specific website safely. It enables you to hide your crucial information, such as IP address as well as MAC. It offers a degree of protection when seeking security measures while browsing. In simple reality, proxy allows you to browse through various websites anonymously.  Nobody will be able to tell your true identity with proxies. 

Comparison between free proxies and dedicated proxies

Free proxies Dedicated proxies 
Vulnerable to hacking by different spyware and malware Can be shared by three peopleFree The speed is goodOffers limited toolsSafe and offers privacy Can only be used by one personAvailable at the cost-effective rateReliable Offers a range of tools

Why should you buy dedicated proxies?

Dedicated proxies are best for both personal and commercial use, especially for those who are in need of extreme security. 

  • Dedicated proxies enable you to bypass blocked websites. Some institutions do not allow you to access some website such as facebook and twitter among others. Dedicated proxies will. 
  • It facilitates online security as it protects sensitive information such as IP address and MAC against hacking.  Nobody will be able to trace such information. 
  • Dedicated proxies offer a range of SEO tools, not to mention web scrapping. 
  • It enables you to browse the internet anonymously.
  • Protects identity
  • Do competitive research
  • It facilitates internet connection
  • Enables you to play video games
  • It secures sensitive information, such as passwords.
  • Enables users to manage multiple social media accounts properly.

Factors to consider when buying dedicated proxies’ services

  • Opt or a location of a proxy service that is nearer to your physical location to enhance speed. 
  • A good service should be fast, reliable, and secure. 
  • Choose a reliable proxy service provider service for support in case of any challenges.

Where can you buy dedicated proxies? 

Keep in mind that the cost of proxies varies from one website to the other. Go through the considerations mentioned above before making a decision. There is no doubt that the best proxies out there are dedicated ones in terms of qualities.  ProxyGuys offers the best mobile proxies on the internet for USA geolocations.

Advantages of buying dedicated proxies over others

  • Guaranteed speed and performance

Unlike other services, dedicated proxies offer an optimized network that ensures high performance, not to mention fast multi-threaded tools.

  • Unlimited bandwidth

There are no hidden costs when using these proxies, and there are no limitation on bandwidth. You will surely enjoy unlimited bandwidth. 

  • Automatic and instant deliver

As long as you have paid for the dedicated proxies services, you will start browsing instantly. This is unlike other services that need a set up as well as account activation, thus consuming a lot of time. 

  • Highly anonymous

There is no doubt that most users would like to hide their identity when browsing through some websites. Dedicated proxies order unique technology that is developed in-house which makes proxies anonymous. Your actual IP is safe and will always stay unidentified. 

  • Dedicated proxies are available for different budgets. In simple reality, you will find a package that suits your budget. You will be able to enjoy your services without straining your budget.

My summary

After researching dedicated proxies, among other proxies, this is my summary. It is without a doubt that if you buy dedicated proxies, you will be able to monitor and track competition in your business easily.  These proxies are useful to businesses, regular internet users, as well as consumers.  Dedicated proxies enable you to manage multiple social media accounts as well as up your SEO strategies effectively. 

A FAQ about buy dedicated proxies

  Can I replace my dedicated proxies? 

Yes, it is possible to change your proxy. You can choose to replace individual proxies as well as the whole set.  Many users have opted for a change, specifically when they are unable to access a specific site. In normal circumstances, dedicated proxies services refresh once a month. 

How fast are dedicated proxies?

Dedicated proxies are faster than mot proxies in the market. They offer a speed of 1Gbps connection alongside a dedicated network. 

What is the bandwidth, as well as the thread limit for dedicated proxies?

It is worth mentioning that dedicated proxies offer unlimited bandwidth and thread. 

How long will I start using my dedicated proxy?

Well, a good number of service providers are automatic; that is why you will start enjoying their services instantly.