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Okay, that’s a pretty bold statement however we’ve done our research which includes extensive competitor research and monitoring to seeing the latest industry trends and needs evolve.

One thing our sales rep commonly receive over live chat is, “Why are you so expensive compared to XXX that only charges $75/mo?” The truth is, we actually have an explanation as to why and how we came up with our pricing structure.

Let’s list out some of our six biggest features and then compare them to the other $40-$80/mo providers out there…

1) Our proxies are all from the USA, as you already know Tier 1 is the best of the best place to have a mobile proxy. Many competitors have proxies in various Tier 2 or Tier 3 countries. When creating accounts, IP location has a big factor in your success rate.

2) Our proxies are all blazing fast, we’re talking 50+mbps speeds on every proxy we offer, every city, every state! This is something I don’t see others offering. Speed is time and time is money!

3) We are the ONLY provider that will allow you to keep your 4G mobile IP as long or as short as you want. Need the same IP for a day, week or month, no problem with us. Need a new IP every minute, that’s also not a problem with us! I see other providers either forcing IP rotations on you every 1-5 minute or offering only 1 IP for the whole month. Soon we are adding a feature where you could optionally set a time to auto change IPs every X minutes.

4) We are the only provider offering multiple cities & states in the USA and one price includes access to ALL locations that we offer. Others either only have 1 location or charge you per location. We are also adding 4 new states in November and even more by December.

5) We have a Google & Firefox plugin available for free along with a full-featured panel and even have API access available. We’re not really seeing this elsewhere to the extent we offer.

6) We offer unlimited bandwidth with all proxies, again over 50Mbps speeds and we do NOT restrict or monitor which sites these proxies are used for. We’re seeing others with limited bandwidth or slow speeds.

So ask yourself, is saving a few dollars really worth losing all 6 of those features listed above? If you’ve been in this industry for long, you should know that quality is worth more than just saving a few bucks.

If your working with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Google, Yahoo or any of the other top sites out there then you need a high-quality USA mobile 4G IP to have the highest success rates possible and this is what we are here to provide.

Give us a shot! We offer a free 1-hour trial or a $20/day pass or $80/week or $300/mo plan so whatever suits your needs we have a plan that will fit.

Contact us over live chat and let’s discuss how we can help you grow.